Pepper for you

Pepper is the perfect hire for your business. He’s fun, energetic, and interacts with customers excitedly all day (and night) long! He suits all types of businesses, big or small. Whether a small cafe or a huge restaurant, Pepper is the right fit for your team.


Pepper loves hospitality

Pepper is ideally suited to working in hospitality. He can take orders, organise seating and give customers and unforgettable experience. With the ability to speak many languages and communicate clearly to the hearing impaired, your business will find new customers like never before.


Pepper is a great salesperson

With a proven track record, Pepper can increase your sales and lower your costs. From bringing more customers into the store, to helping process orders and payments, Pepper can help bring your business to the next level.

people love pepper

Pepper makes customer interactions a joy, and helps staff get the job done quicker and easier than ever before. Being a friendly and caring robot, Pepper is no stranger to praise, compliments and hugs.