Our Product

We’ve developed a variety of systems to use with Pepper the humanoid robot, from retail assistants, to restaurant greeters, to a robotic concierge. Our use of Pepper is proven to bring in more customers to business, and give them one heck of an experience.



We operate on a very simple principle; win win win. This means every solution we provide has to be a win for the business, a win for the staff and a win for the customer. Not only is this the only ethical way to operate a robotics business, but the most profitable way as well. When customers have great experiences, research proves they reward the business with increased spending.

win win win-01.jpg


Our team is made up of some pretty great talent. Michael (on the left) is our technical genius, with a Masters degree in AI and a computer vision expert. Owen (on the right) is an award winning industrial designer and former sales manager. And of course, Pepper the humanoid robot, the lovable face of the company.